Wherever the road may lead us #roadtrip #wi #friends #greatamericanhighway (at I-94)

University Building #5: Burton Hall

The architecture both inside and out makes me feel as if I’ve been transported back to an era of stained glass and carved stone walls. Comfy chairs too! https://www.swarmapp.com/naturallymyka/checkin/5411cce5498e3121a12fdaf4?s=k9J2sFwxHgE28xhKMeXYF8XPhDQ&ref=tw


From our latest Pop-In@Nordstrom with ragandbonenewyork. Curation via Olivia Kim. 


"Tom is our master horticulturist. He knows all the scientific names for everything, right, Tom?"

I love this show so much 

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